Five-year-old 'exclusive'

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Five-year-old 'exclusive'

Postby ScottishFA » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:27 am

Had to laugh at the front page of The Herald this morning, with big smiley photo of Dooglie Donnelly, and the 'exclusive' revelation that he thought about applying as SFA chief executive in 2007.

Front page news? Exclusive? The same paper reported on 2 June 2007, after Gordon Smith's appointment: 'Dougie Donnelly, a BBC stablemate, was an early candidate'.

There's no news like old news.
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Re: Five-year-old 'exclusive'

Postby Scottish » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:49 pm

Well, it's a slow news day. Just the SPL and 3rd division titles decided over the weekend, the 1st division race all but over and the clash between the top two in the 2nd along with the ongoing Rangers mess. A club record rugby attendance and Scottish club rugby's best ever result in Europe. Chris Hoy adding yet another world title. A Great Britain Davis Cup defeat at the Braehead Arena. Not much happened in Scottish sport really. Nor much elsewhere. The Man City implosion and Balotelli lunacy. A big Easter Monday football programme in England. The first results of the county cricket season. Real Madrid throwing a stick-on title back into the melting pot. Controversy over the Bahrein GP. A protester arrested during the University Boat Race. An enthralling play-off in the Masters.

Yeah, I can see why they ran with Dooglie.
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