The pain of organising 5's

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The pain of organising 5's

Post by Bouncefootball » Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:45 pm


I have been organising 5's for nearly 15 years. The hassle and time spent chasing players, trying to get numbers, sending email and texts is ridiculous and most organisers give up after a while. So, I decided to develop a site that would tackle this, its called

I have just launched the site and looking to get as many people in central Scotland to give it a try. The main benifit of the site is that it sends out all the invites (email and text) for you, gives you a centralised game page where you can see who's playing, who's not and lets you contact everyone in the game with a single comment. A feature that I thought would be helpful is that if your game is short of numbers, you can make it public. This lets anyone that fancies a game of football that night to find your game, sign up and make up the numbers.

If you guys could try organising your game that would be excellent. Also, please feel free to let me know what you think as I'm hoping to add features as it grows.


P.s. To get your contacts on the site, just copy and paste all their email addresses during the invite screen. Bouncefootball will then automatically give them all an account and a password.

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