Scottish Football Hall of Fame inductees 2017

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Scottish Football Hall of Fame inductees 2017

Post by Snuff » Mon Oct 16, 2017 12:35 pm

So, we now know the fresh inductees into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame.

Since I have been pestering Richard McBrearty for years to get the three previously uninducted Lisbon Lions in, I've got to be happy that Jim Craig, John Clark and Willie Wallace have finally made it. No complaints either about inducting the Lisbon Lions en masse, or Allan McGraw or John McGovern. But, Archie McWoomph - FFS, this is surely the ultimate example of the old pals act which has been such a feature of previous inductions.

That Macpherson is in, and BOB CRAMPSEY and ARTHUR MONTFORD are not - shakes head in disbelief.

No complaints about Queen's Park being inducted. Indeed, rather like Melrose being inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame for inventing sevens (although there are now some doubts about this), The Spiders ought, lang syne, to have been inducted for their role in building Scottish football. But, the induction notice seemed to single-out the 1883 team. Why them?

And, when are they going to get someone onto the panel who will stick-up for the golden oldies from the years when Scottish football was good?

Here's my top ten of overlooked legends, who should have been inducted years ago:

Tom Vallance (Rangers)
Dr John Smith (Mauchline, Edinburgh University, Queen's Park)
Neil Gibson (Rangers)
Charlie Thomson (Hearts)
Alec Raisbeck (Liverpool)
Jimmy Brownlie (Third Lanark)
Alex Jackson (Wembley Wizard)
Jimmy McMullan (Wembley Wizard)
Willie Knox (Auchinleck Talbot)
Andy Roxburgh

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Re: Scottish Football Hall of Fame inductees 2017

Post by bluedragon » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:00 am

It says that a nomination for the Scottish Football Hall of Fame has to be a player, manager or an official. I had always thought “official” meant someone directly involved in the administration of the game. So the induction of Professor Stewart Hillis would have been under this category. However, I did not see broadcasters or journalists qualifying for nomination.

I also thought that “manager” was too restrictive. When I read about the overseas coaching career of Danny McLennan a few years ago I instinctively felt that this was someone whose career should be recognised. A Scottish coach who coached and helped organise the game in many countries at a time when the game was becoming truly global was worthy of recognition in my eyes. However, as a “coach” and as his contribution to Scottish football was more to do with enhancing its reputation overseas, then the nomination would not have been considered.

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