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Old Line-Ups Required

Postby Partick Thistle » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:26 pm

Concentrating on the period 'til 1907 at the moment.

Any club specialists able or willing to supply their team's line ups for any of the following?

Partick Thistle versus:

29.08.1888 Celtic [n] L0-1 (Exhibition Cup Semi Final)
21.12.1895 Celtic 'A' [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
09.04.1906 Celtic [h] L2-8 (Glasgow League - game 1)

17.09.1881 Clyde [a] L1-6 (Friendly)
22.04.1882 Clyde [h] W6-0 (Friendly)
24.11.1883 Clyde [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
29.12.1883 Clyde [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
22.02.1890 Clyde [h] W8-1 (Friendly)
28.03.1896 Clyde [a] L2-5 (Friendly)
15.08.1899 Clyde [h] L3-4 (Friendly)
28.12.1901 Clyde [h] A1-0 (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
15.02.1902 Clyde [h] W6-1 (SFL Second Division - game 19)
11.05.1905 Clyde [a] D0-0 (Andrew Johnstone Benefit)
20.04.1907 Clyde [a] L1-3 (Friendly)

22.03.1884 Dumbarton [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
26.09.1885 Dumbarton [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
13.11.1886 Dumbarton [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
21.04.1888 Dumbarton [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
21.12.1889 Dumbarton [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
19.05.1894 Dumbarton [h] L0-3 (Friendly)
22.01.1898 Dumbarton [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
01.09.1900 Dumbarton [h] W5-2 (Friendly)

28.04.1900 Dundee [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
27.12.1902 Dundee [a] L0-3 (SFL First Division - game 19)
28.03.1903 Dundee [a] D2-2 (Inter City League - game 4)
15.12.1906 Dundee [a] L0-5 (SFL First Division - game 18)

24.02.1883 Falkirk [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
15.09.1883 Falkirk [h] W8-2 (Friendly)
11.10.1884 Falkirk [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
11.04.1885 Falkirk [h] W5-0 (Friendly)

Heart of Midlothian
26.04.1884 Heart of Midlothian [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
28.03.1885 Heart of Midlothian [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
28.11.1885 Heart of Midlothian [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
13.02.1886 Heart of Midlothian [h] W6-0 (Friendly)
11.05.1895 Heart of Midlothian Reserves [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
25.01.1896 Heart of Midlothian 'A' [h] W5-2 (Friendly)

25.11.1882 Hibernians [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
17.02.1883 Hibernians [h] L2-3 (Friendly)

15.04.1882 Kilmarnock [h] W8-3 (Friendly)
30.04.1892 Kilmarnock [a] L0-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 22)
25.02.1893 Kilmarnock [h] W2-0 (Scottish Alliance - game 10)
11.04.1896 Kilmarnock [a] W3-2 (SFL Second Division - game 18)
27.03.1897 Kilmarnock [a] W3-1 (SFL Second Division - game 16)
17.04.1897 Kilmarnock [h] W2-0 (SFL Second Division - game 17)
07.04.1900 Kilmarnock [a] L2-4 (Western League - game 6)
09.03.1901 Kilmarnock [a] L0-1 (Western League - game 4)
01.03.1902 Kilmarnock [h] W4-1 (Western League - game 1)
04.05.1907 Kilmarnock [h] L2-3 (Friendly)

Leith Athletic
22.02.1896 Leith Athletic [h] L3-5 (SFL Second Division - game 15)

30.03.1889 Motherwell [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
07.11.1903 Motherwell [h] A3-2 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)

Queen's Park
24.01.1880 2nd Queen's Park [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
20.09.1884 Queen's Park [h] L1-5 (Friendly)

04.05.1889 Rangers [h] W6-2 (Friendly)
01.05.1890 Rangers [a] W6-3 (Friendly)
19.08.1895 Rangers [a] L1-5 (J. Black Benefit)

St Bernard's
05.09.1885 St Bernard's [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
10.04.1886 St Bernard's [h] W7-1 (Friendly)
05.05.1888 St Bernard's [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
08.03.1890 St Bernard's [h] W5-3 (Friendly)
04.12.1897 St Bernard's [a] L1-9 (SFL First Division - game 12)
16.03.1901 St Bernard's [h] L0-1 (Friendly)

St Mirren
06.09.1884 St Mirren [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
04.04.1885 St Mirren [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
25.12.1886 St Mirren [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
15.02.1890 St Mirren [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
07.05.1892 St Mirren [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
19.03.1898 St Mirren [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
09.04.1898 St Mirren [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
23.12.1899 St Mirren [h] W4-1 (Western League - game 2)
06.01.1900 St Mirren [a] L3-4 (Western League - game 3)
11.05.1901 St Mirren [a] L2-4 (Western League - game 10)
08.05.1902 St Mirren [a] L0-2 (Western League - game 8 )
11.11.1905 St Mirren [a] A1-3 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
28.04.1906 St Mirren [a] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 30)

Third Lanark
13.09.1884 Third Lanark [a] L2-3 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
17.12.1887 Third Lanark [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
26.04.1904 Third Lanark [a] L1-2 (Inter City League - game 6)
20.05.1905 Third Lanark [n] D1-1 (Glasgow Charity Cup Semi Final)
24.05.1905 Third Lanark [n] W*1-1 (Glasgow Charity Cup Semi Final replay)

Happy to help the other way around anytime...
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Re: Old Line-Ups Required

Postby LEATHERSTOCKING » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:49 pm

QP team on 20th September 1884 was A.P.McCallum, W.Irons, J.Harvie, Dr.J.W.Macdonald, J.J.Gow, W.Hamilton, W.Anderson, W.W.Watt, W.Harrower, D.S.Allan & R.M.Christie. scorers unknown. Dr.Macdonald played cricket for Scotland vs. Australians in 1880 while @ Edinburgh University & football vs. England in 1886.
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Re: Old Line-Ups Required

Postby Partick Thistle » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:53 pm

...and 2 FA Cup final appearances. He certainly made his mark.

Great to get that teamline Forrest, thank you. Was expecting to see Alec Hamilton in September 1884, the W. couldn't be a typo could it?

I have one more QP problem from the early days:
03.05.1899 Queen's Park [a] L0-4 (Glasgow League - game 9)
I read that as:
J. Lawrence, John Gillespie, David Stewart, James Irons, John Clarkson, James Templeton, William Stewart, ?J. D. Ward, Robert McColl, Davidson Berry, Robert Lambie

I struggled to interpret your #8. Could you shed some light?
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Re: Old Line-Ups Required

Postby LEATHERSTOCKING » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:38 am

Queen`s inside right vs. Partick in the Glasgow League game was David Wilson. The print isn`t clear but what it says is "...W.G.Stewart and D.Wilson...". Wilson was the first Queen`s player to score @ current Hampden Park when he netted the game`s only goal vs. Celtic in October 1903. I had a similar problem with Hamilton in your 1884 question. It is, of course, Alex Hamilton not Willie.
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Re: Old Line-Ups Required

Postby Partick Thistle » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:20 am

Good man! As I always say, 4 eyes are better than 2.

Todays ear worm is "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash.
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