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Re: Seven different scorers

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 9:04 am
When Queen`s Park beat Manchester AC 15-0 in an English Cup tie on 1st December 1883, Charles Campbell, Eadie Fraser, Willie Anderson, David Allan, Dr.John Smith, Bob Christie & Willie Harrower all scored. While Queen`s regualarly battered opponents by double figures in the 19thC the poor hacks on the touchline either lost count or interest and there`s often newspaper comments along the lines,"And Queen`s added a further six goals after the interval." so there are likely to be more, unrecorded, 7 player hauls. The most goals recorded by a Queen`s player in a match is the 7 attributed to Bob Christie in the 16-0 romp against the luckless St.Peters in a Scottish Cup game in 1885 but, here again, he may have got more because 8 other scorers went unrecorded.