Killie in the Alliance league 1891/92

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Killie in the Alliance league 1891/92

Post by bluehand » Wed Apr 12, 2006 9:27 pm

After finding an old newspaper in a renovation job in glasgow can anyone answer a few questions on a particular game that is documented in the paper.

Kilmarnock appear to be in the alliance league and were playing a team called Thistle. Is this or did this team become Partick thistle?
The paper being in quite disrepair had a few Killie players named.......Mcpherson, Kelvin, Paterson, Smith and Mcavoy. Thistle players noted were Herd and Scouller.
After looking up "every game" the closest i could come to all five players playing for Killie was 1891/92.....could someone confirm this?

On another note.............hearts beat clyde in the league 2-1 and Dumbarton were top of that said league....Hearts second, Celtic third and Rangers fourth.........who won the league that year??.....if indeed it was the year 1891/92 :roll:

Quite an interesting find and some elequaint words in the football stating that a celtic player kicked the ball so high it headed for the moon??.....and when he stood watching it go there , scratched his head and said...."Good bye my love, good bye!"........Was Archie McPherson around then??

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Post by Scottish » Wed Apr 12, 2006 10:38 pm

The paper must have been reporting on games played on April 16th 1892. Hearts beat Clyde 2-1 that day and the top four in the League were as you say.

Dumbarton won the title.

The Thistle in question weren't Partick Thistle but plain Thistle, sometimes known as Glasgow Thistle to distinguish them from the other mob.

This Thistle played in Dalmarnock. the better-known Jags also played in the Scottish Alliance but their games against Killie were on Feb 13th (Rugby Park) and April 30th at their then ground of Inchview.

As for Archie being around then, it wouldn't be all that surprising to find the sheepskin jacket was on the go back then as well.

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Post by Sat31March1928 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 12:55 pm

We've got the

League table for every day the top division was played see ... rlist.html

For 1892 see

Effectively only Dumbarton and Hearts were top.

The 16th April table is here

Hearts went joint top on

30th April Dumbarton didn't play

On the 4th May Dumbarton went clear again with a

6-0 victory over Rangers

The League was clinched on the 7th May

Dumbarton drawing 1-1 with Abercorn and Hearts losing 3-2 at Third Lanark.

Match Report

Jackson; James; Jackson; James; Jackson

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