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To search within websites

Post by kjell » Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:46 am


Some might be aware of the possibility to search for keywords within a certain website, but probably some will not know how to do this. I have found this possibility of great help, specially when you have websites with big databases, full of information for the club or the player you look for information about.

So, I thought I would share how to do this.

You need two web addresses; (1) for the website you want to search; and (2) for google advanced search settings.

So example:
If you take the excellent website archive for Dumbarton:

Then go to:

In the top field of the advanced google search page "all these words" type in the name of a club, for example "Celtic"; or use the box named "this exact word or phrase": and add the name of a player there.

Then further down on the page, the field named: "Site or domain" - add: and then hit the enter button. The hits, or results, will show and so you will find links to all relevant articles, pages within the website that contain information you might be looking for.

Note that this possibility is not available for absolutely all websites, but if you are lucky you can find useful information on many historical football websites.

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