Third Lanark player circa 1913 -1925

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Third Lanark player circa 1913 -1925

Post by bluedragon » Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:36 pm

I am trying to confirm whether or not a player named Hugh Docherty Tyrie (born in 1895 and a centre forward) played for Third Lanark. I cannot find a record on John Litster’s Pre-War disk but he could have been a reserve team player.

He is of the generation that would have been greatly affected by the First World War. So I don’t know if he was a very young Thirds player before the War, perhaps played during it or had a brief spell after the conflict. I do know he signed for Irvine Meadow XI from Fenwick, where he lived, and he only played for one season (1926/27). I believe that he may have moved to Prestwick Glenburn Rovers in the 1927/28 season.

If anyone can help that would, as always, be very much appreciated.

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