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Post by LEATHERSTOCKING » Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:29 pm

CAN WE HAVE OUR BALLS BACK, PLEASE? HOW THE BRITISH INVENTED SPORT by Julian Norridge. With a barge pole, do not touch. My own fault for buying it (well, I didn`t actually BUY it but handed over Christmas book tokens); it was @ the end of a long session wandering round Borders & I stupidly only very briefly peeked inside. It isn`t even about how the British invented most sports - they didn`t of course but formalised most of them. It isn`t even about the British but about the English which is no great surprise but there is only a brief few paragraphs of introduction to each sport outlining origins and then its off into the English histories. Only on golf is he forced to mention Scotland (almost mononously as if we`d forget if he didn`t). In all others he seems to have read a few books & cobbled together the standard histories. On football he mentions Queen`s Park when he comes to the 1st Internationals & "Glasgow Rangers" when Moscow Dynamo appear and that`s it. No mention of the pre 1870 history of the Scottish game (he obviously has no knowledge or interest in Morayshire football in the early 19thC - developing in isolation from the English public schools), no mention of Irish or Welsh village games or their clubs, no mention of the differences in rules of the SFA & one sentence on the Sheffield FA`s. He clearly has no idea why the colonials or the Americans didn`t take to the game in the 19th & early 20thC as the rest of the world did merely noting they didn`t.

Then it`s on the the various rugby type games & it`s exactly the same story. Flimsy research giving scant attention to Aussie Rules, non to Welsh or Borders Rugby or why Rugby League was taken up by the colonials but not the Welsh or the South of England. No mention of the Edinburgh clubs in the 1850s, why the Welsh took up the game to vigorously, why there`s only one Irish Rugby Union etc. etc.

All the other sports are similary treated - history lite.

What an amusing title!

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