The Scottish Football Quiz Book

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The Scottish Football Quiz Book

Post by Scottish » Fri Aug 07, 2009 3:26 pm

Graeme Ross (AFAIK no relation) will be a familiar name to many on this site thanks to his ‘Morton Greats’ books. Now he has compiled a new quiz book on Scottish football. This is a particularly competitive field with several new publications each year. Many of these concentrate on the OF and the national team and are often “written” by well-kent faces who wouldn’t know the answers to any of the questions they have supposedly set.

Fortunately that isn’t the case with this book. Graeme has compiled the questions himself, 1,000 in total comprising 100 different themes with ten questions each. Every SPL & SFL club has a set of questions and other themes inlcude legends, scandals, nicknames, transfers, Europe, goalkeepers, quotes, grounds, World Cup, ‘expert’ and many others. Even including those considered as legends the Old Firm account for only around 10% of the questions and answers. So this is as representative a series of puzzlers on the game as you are likely to find anywhere.

Set out in an A-Z of themes with all the answers at the back this is an easy-to-follow book and while I haven’t been able to go through every single question in the book, Graeme’s meticulous research ensures an accuracy in the answer rate much higher than that of similar books by so-called ‘experts.’

There’s something in here for everyone, no matter which club they follow, and this book will settle many arguments as well as help pass the time on long away journeys. There are forewords from Alex McLeish and John Wark and at just £9.99 for a hardback with 150 pages this represents excellent value.

If I have one quibble it’s the lack of a contents page, which means the reader isn’t able to find his or her favourite theme or club without wading through the pages. I don’t think it would have done any harm to have dropped one of the eight pages of reviews to include a list of contents at the front.

But that’s a minor issue really and no one will be disappointed by what they find between the covers.

‘The Scottish Football Quiz Book’ compiled by Graeme Ross with forewords by John Wark and Alex McLeish is published by Apex Publishing Ltd

Available at a £1 discount from Amazon

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