The cappielow riot, composition behaviour of soccer crowds

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The cappielow riot, composition behaviour of soccer crowds

Post by Cinneide » Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:12 am

I came across an article from the International Journal of the History of Sport - The cappielow riot and the composition and behaviour of soccer crowds in late Victorian Scotland

Its very expensive - $30.

I've come across articles of interest from this journal before. Can anyone tell me more about it? Are the articles worth the money?
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Post by ScottishFA » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:05 pm

That particular article by Neil Tranter is interesting but gets bogged down in some mindblowing local detail.

The trouble with ISHPES is that it is a very broad organisation, so for every interesting article about football you have to wade through 99 about gender emancipation of Korean swimmers and people revisiting the empirical evidence of someone else's research on the eating habits of Finnish ice skaters. So unless you have designs on an academic career in sport history I would steer clear.

Largely the same goes for the BSSH - the British Society for Sports History - although at least their focus is mainly on UK sport. Again, it is an expensive organisation to join in return for two journals a year, and aimed squarely at academics.

If you just want to read the articles, best bet is to swan along to your local university library and browse the shelves. My nearest is Stirling (Tranter's workplace before he retired) which has large quantities of these and other sport history journals.

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