From Bellslea to Brora - These ar my Heroes by Mike Barbour

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From Bellslea to Brora - These ar my Heroes by Mike Barbour

Postby jimmygrumble » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:25 pm

Books covering the Highland League tend to be rare, so this is a welcome addition. Covering the past 50 years of Fraserburgh FC, there is a lot of detail about the club's important matches and the players involved.

As a Peterhead fan, I had been brought up to believe that the only good thing that came out of the Broch was the road to Peterhead, but having read this book, I might be persuaded to change my mind.

I fully expected Fraserburgh's "lucky" 10-0 win at Peterhead in 1974 to be included, and not surprisingly it is agonisingly described. However, Peterhead's 8-0 win over the Broch is equally well covered.

A fascinating read for any person interested in Highland League football in general, and Fraserburgh in particular.
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