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Postby Scottish » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:16 pm

I do my best to stop spammers from accessing this site but occasionally they still get through, despite a character recognition method of registration. Last week two of them even managed to post on every forum. Sod's Law dictated this happened while I was away and without regular net access.

I know some forum regulars put in a few witty ripostes to the spammers but could I ask all of you please not to respond at all. Firstly, it's probably an automated process and they won't actually read your replies. Secondly, replying to them only indicates that they have been successful with their posts and encourages further spamming attempts.

If you just ignore them then I will delete the posts & registrants and also ban the ISPs & IP addresses they come from. Usually this happens within a few hours but when I am away from home it sometimes takes a little longer.


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