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Non Professional Contracts

Post by Insertnamehere » Fri May 22, 2009 9:12 pm

Im not sure if you are aware but there is currently a motion to introduce the minimum wage to junior football, that would mean players being paid by the hour fot training and travelling to away games which could prove the death kel for many clubs. The alternative seems to be the Non professional contract, myself, well im mystefiled into why they want to try and basically kill off junior football and at the same time confuddled by the workings of amateur, junior, pro,........... Its like TEVEZ I dont understand!

Anyway Jamie Wire who is a very knowlegable junior and football in general person quoted this,

A Non Contract Professional registration is only valid for up to one season,
automatically expiring at the end of the season. A player can only receive
expenses. He cannot receive a weekly wage or signing on fee.

A Contract Professional can be signed on a multi year deal, can receive
expenses, weekly wage and signing on fee.

As I understand it, Queen's Park use the Non Contract Professional
registration (it is basically an amateur form for Professionals) in order to
be able to sign players of Professional status as reinstatement to Amateur
is a once a career move. The likes of Agostini has signed for them twice
from professional clubs.

Any commetns?

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Post by Snuff » Tue May 26, 2009 9:01 am

Non-professional contract were introduced by the FA in I think 1974, when they ended the differentiation between "amateur" and "professional" players.

This was the change which ended British involvement in the Olympic Games and therefore led in part to the present problems.

It makes sense therefore for Queens Park to use this type of contract, since they were probably the only club in Scotland who gave a toss about the Olympic Games; also,they were and are the only club in Scotland who might need to use 'non-contract' players.

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