The American Cup (Brechin)

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The American Cup (Brechin)

Post by bluedragon » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:55 am

I have just seen an image of a programme for the “1st Annual Challenge Match for the American Cup” between Brechin Victoria and Brechin City on 1 August 1985.

In 1889 the Brechin South Port Junior Football Association was formed. The reason for the formation was the American Cup. A George Corral had returned to Brechin from the USA with a handsome silver cup, a present from the Athletic Football Club of Lawrence, Mass. It was donated for competition by the local clubs in Brechin and the South Port Self Improvement Society was asked to be custodians of the cup. The society formed a football association to run the cup competition that was how things were done in those days. The donors also wanted the cup to be known as the American Cup. The Athletic Football Club had originally won the cup in a game against a team of Englishmen. Athletic was a Scottish team and the team that day comprised of seven men from Brechin. It was in fact the other four Scots in the team that suggested the cup should go to Brechin to encourage local players. The cup was played for regularly towards the end of the 19th century. I think it briefly re-emerged in the 1930’s before this match in 1985.

Does anyone know any more?

Thank you.

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Re: The American Cup (Brechin)

Post by BMCCOLL » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:58 pm

From my own notes it was first played for in 1889-90 by junior clubs from Brechin. In 1901 it was reformed as the Brechin Junior League and from 1903 it was regraded as a juvenile competition. The town's three junior clubs in competed for again in 1950.

The winners I have are as follows...
1889-90 Crown
1890-91 Crown
1891-92 Brechin Wanderers
1893-94 Brechin Wanderers
1894-95 Brechin Thistle
1901-02 Brechin Hearts
1903-1949 played by juveniles
1949-50 Brechin Victoria

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Re: The American Cup (Brechin)

Post by bluedragon » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:46 pm

Thanks Brian that's great.

The description of the cup in the local newspaper was as follows:

A most handsome specimen of the silversmith’s art, standing some eighteen inches high, massive in proportion, and withal of most chaste design. The carvings and traceries are in floral and scroll pattern, with enchasements and scrollwork in gold. On one side at the widest part in a circular space with a representation of two teams hard at it, and on the other side a similar space for receiving the names of the winning teams, and the lid is surmounted with a rather massive figure in silver in the act of kicking of a golden ball.

The delivery included a silk American flag.

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