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Club Managers

Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:43 pm

There is an Excel file HERE for download. This complements the information on this thread by providing the same material in an A-Z format rather than club-by-club as here.

Prompted by a recent thread - and similar discussions in earlier threads - about the misinformation on club managers bandied around on some Wiki pages and the general lack of information available either online or in print on the management history of Scottish football clubs, I thought I'd try and create such an online source here.

Below you should find records of club managers. I do NOT claim these to be 100% accurate and many of the clubs listed will need amending in places, some of them considerably.

These are my own records compiled from hundreds of different sources so inevitably there will be errors and inaccuracies. I have tried to outline for each club what I consider to be its status regarding accuracy.

Other factors to consider are:

Often when an announcement appears online or in print regarding management changes it will refer to the day before so those management changes giving exact days may be 24 hours or so out in either direction.

Sometimes decisions are made and contracts signed (or torn up) several days or even weeks before the details are made public.

Disputes over compensation can lead to differing claims over when a manager has left/joined a club.

Many managers start out as 'caretakers' and go on to obtain the post permanently. I have made no distinction here. The date given is when they started in the job whether caretaker or not.

OTOH it would be much more onerous task to try an include every single caretaker appointment as many of these last for only a day or so and do not include any competitive matches. Therefore I have only included those caretakers who spent a decent amount of time in the job and have indicated where they were a temporary appointment.

In many instances it has not been possible to obtain the exact date of starting/leaving a post but it HAS been possible to find out the first/last game in charge. Some dates therefore refer to these matches rather than the first day at work. I have done this as it is better for the historian to know when Joe Bloggs (or, increasingly these days, Guiseppe Bloggini) first/last sent out a team rather than just sometime in October.

Conversely it is more useful to know it was sometime in October rather than 19 umpteen so where the month is known but not the day I have included it.

In cases where the exact date or month isn't known but a change occurred in the close season I have indicated so by use of the letters cs.

Sometimes there will be more than one manager with the same name - e.g. Dave Smith. In the accompanying A-Z file which I will post later on I have differentiated them by number.

Many pre-war appointments were of the Secretary/Manager nature with team selection still largely or even solely in the hands of directors (in a small number of instances this continued after WW2 to quite a late date). I have ignored where possible those whose function was purely administrative. However this still leads to cases where certain individuals have been cited as managers by one club but secretary by another. If an individual has been claimed by a club as its manager then I have included all known appointments at other clubs even if they were admin only.

Some clubs eschew the term manager and use a euphemism such as 'head coach' or 'football director.' I have included the person CHIEFLY responsible for selection, training, tactics and signings or any combination thereof.

All of these ifs, buts, maybes and then agains show how difficult it is to produce an accurate record but it can be done. The League Managers Association in England and the Since 1888 website have done it for English football. The records section of LFP in Spain doesn't have such a centralised record but it does have all managers for all clubs where known. No doubt other countries have something similar. It's yet another area where Scotland is lacking in its football history and the absence of a fully-searchable newspaper database doesn't help.

Finally, please make any amendments/corrections by way of reply. This is going to be a long thread so I'm making it a sticky. If using elsewhere please acknowledge as the source. I think there's enough information here for the gaps to be filled in.
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:47 pm

Aberdeen managers

Jimmy Philip 1903- July 1924
Pat Travers Aug 1st 1924-Nov 20th 1937
Dave Halliday Dec 22nd 1937 - 1955 cs
Dave Shaw cs 1955 - Nov 17th 1959
Tommy Pearson Nov 17th 1959 - Feb 10th 1965
Eddie Turnbull Mar 6th 1965 –July 12th 1971
Jimmy Bonthrone Aug 1971-Oct 11th 1975
Ally McLeod Nov 10th 1975 - May 1977
Billy McNeill cs 1977-May 28th 1978
Alex Ferguson cs 1978-Nov 6th 1986
Ian Porterfield Nov 18th 1986- May 1988
Alex Smith/Jocky Scott May 31st 1988 -Sep 19th 1991
Alex Smith Sep 20th 1991-Feb 10th 1992
Willie Miller Feb 10th 1992-Feb 6th 1995
Roy Aitken Feb 12th 1995 (1st match)- Nov 10th 1997
Alex Miller Nov 21st 1997-Dec 8th 1998
Paul Hegarty Dec 8th 1998-May 23rd 1999
Ebbe Skovdahl cs 1999- Dec 3rd 2002
Steve Paterson Dec 11th 2002-May 24th 2004
Jimmy Calderwood May 28th 2004- May 24th 2009
Mark McGhee July 1st 2009- Dec 1st 2010
Craig Brown Dec 10th 2010 - Apr 6th 2013
Derek McInnes Apr 8th 2013


I'm generally happy this is an accurate list though some of the precise dates could be added if known.

George Murray caretaker Bonthrone-McLeod
Archie Knox caretaker Ferguson-Porterfield
Keith Burkinshaw caretaker Aitken - Miller
Gardner Spiers caretaker Skovdahl - Paterson
Halliday appointment announced Dec 22nd 1937
McLeod appointment announced Nov 6th
McGhee appointed June 12th
Hegarty notified of dismissal May 11th
Neil Cooper/Neil Simpson caretakers post-McGhee (in charge Dec 11th 2010)
Mcinnes appointed Mar 25th, taking responsibility for team Apr 8th, first match in charge Apr 22nd
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:55 pm

Andy Walker 1905- Jun 27th 1910
John Chapman 1910?? – Oct 5th 1921
William Nov Orr 1921- June 14th 1926
David Martyn cs 1926 - Feb 1937
John Morrison Feb 1937-1941
Hunter Hart 1941-1943
Bob Ferrier 1943 – June 1945
Alex Ritchie cs 1945-1950
Willie Fotheringham 1950- Mar 2nd 1954
Willie Steel Apr 6th 1954 -Jan 20th 1963
Archie Wright Jan 29th 1963-1967
Ralph Collins July 1967-Oct 28th 1970
Ian McMillan Oct 28th 1970-Feb 10th 1976
Jackie Stewart Feb 25th 1976-Jun 1978
Bobby Watson June 5th 1978-Mar 30th 1982
Bill Munro Apr 7th 1982 – Dec 29th 1983
Ally McLeod Dec 31st 1983- Nov 1st 1985
Ian McMillan Nov 1985- May 1986
Derek Whiteford May 28th 1986 –April 24th 1987
Gordon McQueen May 31st 1987 – May 10th 1989
Jimmy Bone May 19th 1989 – May 14th 1991
Alex McDonald May 15th 1991 -Mar 13th 1999
Gary Mackay Mar 13th 1999 – July 20th 2000
Steve Archibald July 20th 2000-Feb 14th 2001
Ian McCall Mar 22nd 2001-Apr 27th 2002

Sandy Stewart May 16th 2002- Nov 13th 2006
Kenny Black Nov 18th 2006-June 18th 2010

Jimmy Boyle June 18th 2010-October 19th 2013
Gary Bollan October 24th 2013 - (see Paul Lovering below)


Something of an oddity here. The first three managers under Airdrieonians were all banned from the game - though not while at Broomfield. Walker and Chapman were both banned for life by the FA while at Man Utd and Middlesbrough respectively and Orr was suspended by the SFA while with Falkirk.

Peter Bennie caretaker Steel-Wright (Bennie was a director)
Adam Good caretaker McMillan-Stewart
Ian McMillan caretaker Watson-Munro
Ian McMillan caretaker Munro-MacLeod (picked team for match v Brechin 31/12/1983)
Jim Fleeting caretaker Whiteford-McQueen
Ian Bird caretaker McQueen-Bone
Paul Lovering caretaker Boyle-Bollan (although Bollan had been appointed two days previously, Lovering took charge of the match v Ayr United on 26/10/2013.
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:01 pm

Albion Rovers

Archie Montgomery June 28th 1920 - Jan 5th 1922
Willie Reid Jan 5th 1922 -May 1931
Webber Lees cs 1931 – cs 1935
John Weir June 6th 1935 - Mar 8th 1937
Webber Lees Mar 8th 1937-Jun 16th 1949
Jocky Robertson cs 1949- cs 1950 (Trainer)
Bobby Beath Aug 1950- May 1952
Tom Fagan cs 1952-cs 1953
Jackie Hutton May 1953- cs 1961
Dunky McGill cs 1961-June 1962
Willie Telfer cs 1962- Feb 5th 1965
Bobby Flavell Feb 18th 1965- Sep 4th 1966
Jackie Stewart Sep 17th 1966-Nov 30th 1968
Tom Fagan Dec 1st 1968-Jan 10th 1969
Frank Connor Jan 11th 1969 - cs 1969 (Caretaker)
Jimmy Harrower June 1969- Nov 1st 1969
Bobby Flavell Nov 27th 1969 - July 1972
Frank Beattie July 1972 –Jan 20th 1973
Ralph Brand Jan 27th 1973- Mar 9th 1974
George Caldwell July 5th 1974-Aug 1976
Sam Goodwin Aug 1976-Feb 2nd 1981
Harry Hood Feb 6th 1981- Apr 23rd 1981
Joe Baker May 1981-Dec 16th 1981
Derek Whiteford Dec 17th 1981- Nov 30th 1982
Martin Ferguson Dec 4th 1982- May 1983
Billy Wilson June 1983- Apr 6th 1984
Benny Rooney Apr 6th 1984 - May 21st 1984
Andy Ritchie May 21st 1984- Aug 28th 1984
Joe Baker Aug 28th 1984-December 13th 1985
Tommy Gemmell Jan 3rd 1986- Nov 27th 1987
David Provan Nov 28th 1987-Oct 24th 1991
Mick Oliver Oct 24th 1991- Nov 14th 1992
Billy McLaren Nov 17th 1992- Mar 31st 1993
Tommy Gemmell Apr 1st 1993-Jan 27th 1994
Tom Spence Jan 27th 1994-Feb 2nd 1995
Jimmy Crease Feb 18th 1995-Dec 22nd 1995
Vinnie Moore Jan 9th 1996-cs 1998
Billy McLaren June 1998-June 1999
Mark Shanks cs 1999-Mar 8th 2000
John McVeigh Mar 18th 2000- Apr 27th 2002
Peter Hetherston May 7th 2002- Dec 2nd 2003
Kevin McAllister Dec 2nd 2003-Jan 6th 2005
Jimmy Lindsay Jan 6th 2005- June 15th 2005 caretaker
Jim Chapman June 15th 2005-May 7th 2007
John McCormack May 31st 2007-June 27th 2008
Paul Martin July 8th 2008-May 20th 2012
Todd Lumsden May 20th 2012-May 4th 2013 (decision not to renew contract taken Apr 30th)
James Ward May 18th 2013-June 10th 2014
Darren Young June 10th 2014-


Archie Montgomery died while manager
Jock Robertson (Trainer) caretaker Lees-Beath
Tom Fagan director/manager
Ray Franchetti caretaker Baker-Gemmell
Joe McBride caretaker Spence-Crease
Joe McBride caretaker Crease-Moore
Jimmy Lindsay caretaker Shanks -McVeigh
Todd Lumsden caretaker Feb 17th - 25th 2012 (two league matches) while Paul Martin recovered following hospitalisation.

Managerial gaps 1953-1981 Tom Fagan effectively manager.
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:10 pm

Alloa Athletic

James Saunders 1921-1928 - Secretary
John Reid 1928-1937 - Secretary
George Matthewson 1937-1938 - Secretary
Jimmy McStay Apr 1938-Feb 1940
Jimmy Crapnell 1945 -1946
Tommy Lipton 1946 - Nov 1947
Jimmy Simpson Dec 1947-Feb 19th 1949
Bobby Hogg Feb 20th 1949-Oct 17th 1949
Tommy Lipton 1949-Feb 1951
Davie McCulloch Jul 2nd 1951-Aug 4th 1952
Webber Lees Sep 2nd 1952-Apr 30th 1955
Jerry Kerr June 1st 1955-June 1959
Archie McPherson Aug 31st 1959 - cs 1969
Duncan McCallum May 31st 1969 - Mar 24th 1971
Ian Crawford Apr 9th 1971 - Mar 14th 1972
Dan McLindon May 13th 1972 - Oct 26th 1974
Hugh Wilson Nov 30th 1974- Apr 5th 1980
Alex Totten Apr 12th 1980 - Nov 25th 1982
Willie Garner Dec 25th 1982 - Feb 6th 1984
Jimmy Thomson Feb 7th 1984- Mar 22nd 1986
Dom Sullivan Apr 1st 1986 - Nov 3rd 1987
Gregor Abel Nov 21st 1987 - Feb 1st 1990
Billy Little Feb 3rd 1990 - May 19th 1990
Hugh McCann May 19th 1990 - May 29th 1993
Billy Lamont June 12th 1993 - Apr 29th 1995
Pat McAulay May 1st 1995 - Feb 5th 1996
Tom Hendrie Feb 22nd 1996 - Dec 23rd 1998
Terry Christie Jan 24th 1999 - Nov 16th 2003
Tom Hendrie Nov 24th 2003 - Jan 2nd 2006
Allan Maitland Jan 9th 2006 -May 7th 2011
Paul Hartley May 18th 2011-Jan 18th 2014
Barry Smith Jan 30th 2014-Mar 7th 2015


Reasonably happy with this one. Though MacPherson-McCallum could do with vrerification. First three on the list all secretarial/admin only. Wee Red Book lists George Ormiston after Jerry Kerr.

Jim Dempsey caretaker McAulay-Hendrie
Jimmy Gilmour caretaker Hendrie-Christie
Gareth Evans caretaker Hendrie-Maitland
Scott Walker/Brown Ferguson caretakers Maitland-Hartley
Paddy Connolly caretaker post-Hartley
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:18 pm


Bob McGlashan Jun 6th 1927- Feb 1946
Archie Anderson Feb 1946-Apr 16th 1949
Alec Cheyne May 14th 1949 -cs1955
Tommy Gray cs 1955-Mar 26th 1957 (title was Chief Scout)
Chris Anderson Mar 26th 1957 - Apr 16th 1960 (title was Chief Scout)
John Prentice Apr 23rd 1960-Sep 29th 1962
Albert Henderson Oct 6th 1962 - Jan 19th 1980
Ian Stewart Jan 21st 1980 -Nov 24th 1983
George Fleming Dec 13th 1983- Feb 1985
Jimmy Bone Feb 22nd 1985-Dec 17th 1986
John Young Jan 1st 1987-Apr 21st 1990
Ian Gibson cs 1990-91
Walter Borthwick cs 1991-Dec 1991
Mike Lawson Dec 28th 1991 -Nov 10th 1992
Danny McGrain Nov 10th 1992-Jan 15th 1994
Jocky Scott Jan 17th 1994-Apr 12th 1994
Donald Park/George Mackie Apr 14th 1994- Jul 1994
George Mackie Jul 1994-Dec 28th 1994
John Brogan Jan 25th 1995- Nov 30th 1996
Tommy Campbell Dec 5th 1996-May 1997
Dave Baikie June 1997- Sep 18th 2000
John Brownlie Sep 29th 2000-Oct 6th 2003
Stevie Kirk Oct 6th 2003-Aug 23rd 2004
Harry Cairney Sep 10th 2004- Sep 24th 2005
John McGlashan Sep 29th 2005- Oct 17th 2009
Jim Weir Nov 1st 2009 - May 24th 2010
Paul Sheerin May 27th 2010 -June 13th 2014
Allan Moore June 25th 2014-


Again, reasonably happy with this though dates could be firmed up. Bob McGlashan was also match secretary from 1903 and continued this position while manager. He started out as a player with Arbroath in 1895.

John Smith caretaker Stewart-Fleming
Jimmy Cant caretaker Mackie-Brogan
Robbie Raeside caretaker McGlashan-Weir
Jake Ferrier caretaker Kirk-Cairney
Stewart Petrie post-Sheerin

Also, Annan Athletic come before Arbroath alphabetically but I'll throw them in here as they only have one boss to date as a league club and he's ex-Arbroath.

Harry Cairney cs 2006 - Dec 20th 2012
Jim Chapman Jan 13th 2013-

Cairney was also Annan manager before going to Gayfield

Euan Brydson caretaker Annan Cairney-Chapman
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:29 pm

Ayr United

Herbert Dainty May 6th 1914-Apr 15th 1915
Lawrence Gemson cs 1915- cs 1918
John Cameron Aug 1918- cs1919
James MacDonald cs 1919- cs 1923
Jimmy Richardson c s1923-cs 1924
James Hay Jun cs 1924 - Jan 26th 1926
Archie Buchanan Jan 1926 – Sep 1931 secretary only
Alex Gibson Sep 24th 1931 – Feb 2nd 1935
Frank Thompson Feb 4th 1935 – May 30th 1940
Bob Ferrier Jun 20th 1945- Nov 27th 1948
Archie Anderson Apr 1949-May 1953
Reuben Bennet May 1953-Apr 9th 1955
Neil McBain Apr 1955-Aug 18th 1956
Jacky Cox Aug 21st 1956-Nov 28th 1961
Bobby Flavell Nov 30th 1961-Dec 16th 1961
Gerry Mays Dec 17th 1961- Dec 4th 1962
Neil McBain Dec 6th 1962- Oct 31st 1963
Bobby Flavell Oct 31st 1963-Dec 5th 1964
Tom McCreath Dec 5th 1964-May 6th 1966
Ally MacLeod May 6th 1966- Nov 4th 1975
Alex Stuart Nov 25th 1975-Sep 23rd 1978
Ally MacLeod Sep 26th -Dec 12th 1978
Willie McLean Feb 3rd 1979-Apr 11th 1983
George Caldwell Apr 11th 1983- Oct 21st 1985
Ally MacLeod Nov 1st 1985-Dec 8th 1990
George Burley Jan 12th 1991-Dec 23rd 1993
Simon Stainrod Dec 23rd 1993-Sep 5th 1995
Gordon Dalziel Sep 5th 1995- Nov 18th 2002
Campbell Money Nov 20th 2002-Aug 27th 2004
Mark Shanks Aug 27th 2004-Mar 1st 2005
Robert Connor Mar 1st 2005-Feb 26th 2007
Neil Watt Mar 22nd 2007-Oct 22nd 2007
Brian Reid Oct 23rd 2007- May 15th 2012
Mark Roberts May 15th 2012-Dec 15th 2014
Ian McCall Jan 6th 2015-


Happy enough with this.

Jimmy Hay was banned sine die by the SFA. The ban was revoked two years later.

Archie Buchanan was secretarial/admin only

Frank Thompson accepted job in January.

Archie Anderson was actually appointed on March 15th but had to work his notice with Arbroath.

Willie McLean appointed January 1979 but 1st league match not till Feb.

There is some confusion over the dates of Bobby Flavell's first term and a consequent knock-on effect of the dates of the managers either side. He was only there for seventeen days and some sources give it as a month earlier than here. But the United history 'Walking down the Somerset Road' mentions him being in charge for the Scottish Cup tie v Clyde which contradicts the notion that he left on Nov 16th as the match was on December 9th 1961.

Sam McMillan caretaker McLeod-Stuart
George Caldwell caretaker McLeod- McLean
Davie Wells caretaker Caldwell-McLeod
Davie Wells caretaker McLeod-Burley
Dalziel caretaker himself-Money then assistant to Money
Mark McGeown/Brian Reid caretakers Connor-Watt
Andy Millen Roberts-McCall
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:33 pm

Berwick Rangers

Bobby Ancell Dec 1951-Apr 1952
John Thomson Aug 1952- Jan 1953
Jerry Kerr Apr 1953-Nov 1954
John Thomson Nov 1954-Apr 30th 1957
Danny McLennan Nov 1957-Jan 12th 1960
Jim McIntosh Apr 8th 1960-Feb 1963 (1st full-time manager)
Ian Spence May 1963 - Nov 1966
Jock Wallace Nov 30th 1966-Jan 25th 1969
Harry Melrose Feb 26th 1969-Sep 10th 1975
Walter Galbraith Oct 1975 - Dec 1975
Gordon Haig Jan 1st 1976-Sep 1976
Dave Smith Nov 1976-Oct 22nd 1980
Frank Connor Nov 6th 1980 - July 16th 1982
Jim McSherry Aug 1st 1982 - Feb 22nd 1983
Eric Tait Feb 22nd 1983 - Oct 18th 1987
Jimmy Thomson Nov 1987-Nov 22nd 1988
Jim Jefferies Nov 22nd 1988 - May 16th 1990
Ralph Callachan June 1990- May 1992
John Anderson May 1992- July 1992
Jimmy Crease Aug 8th 1992 - Jan 23rd 1994
Tom Hendrie Jan 23rd 1994-Feb 22nd 1996
Ian Ross Feb 26th 1996-Oct 1996
Jimmy Thomson Oct 30th 1996-Aug 30th 1997
Paul Smith Aug 30th 1997-Oct 2nd 2004
Sandy Clark Oct 14th 2004 – May 11th 2005
John Coughlin May 13th 2005 –Oct 6th 2007
Michael Renwick Oct 24th 2007-April 21st 2008
Alan McGonigal May 13th 2008- Nov 12th 2008
Jimmy Crease Nov 12th 2008 – Oct 26th 2011
Ian Little Oct 26th 2011-Jan 12th 2014
Colin Cameron Jan 14th 2014-

Evening Times Apr 30th 1957 motes resignation of John Thompson "chairman/manager"
Wallace became Hearts assistant manager on Jan 7th 1969 but stayed as Berwick player-manager until they were out of the Scottish Cup
Ian Oliver caretaker Hendrie-Ross
Jimmy Crease caretaker Coughlin - Renwick
Jimmy Crease caretaker Renwick - McGonigal
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:40 pm

Brechin City

In 1934 -35 Jackie Osborne
Vacant in 1938 & 1939
Arthur J Paterson 1949 -1962 (referred to as Manager in The Bulletin, Feb 3rd 1960)
John Gilmartin 1962-1970
Frank Sandeman1970 -1971
Bobby Methven 1971-1972
Ken Dick 1972-Nov 1973
Charlie Dunn Nov 7th 1973-1977 (press reference to Dunn as Brechin's fifth manager)
Ian Stewart Nov 2nd 1977-Jan 21st 1980
Doug Houston Feb 1980 -Oct 1982
Ian Fleming Oct 1982-Dec 21st 1986
John Ritchie Jan 7th 1987-cs 1993
Ian Redford Aug 5th 1993-Aug 13th 1994
John Young Aug 13th 1994- May 6th 2000
Dick Campbell May 30th 2000-Jan 4th 2005
Ian Campbell Jan 4th 2005 – Mar 13th 2006
Michael O’Neill Mar 31st 2006- Dec 15th 2008
Jim Duffy Jan 9th 2009- May 18th 2010
Jim Weir May 24th 2010 -Sep 30th 2012
Ray McKinnon Oct 9th 2012-

Absolute nightmare. Claim and counter-claim. Reference to John Gilmartin as first manager (and secretary/manager before that) yet Osborne listed as a player-manager in 1934.

Definitely needs a lot of work done to be anywhere near accurate and comprehensive.

Dick Campbell appointment announced May 19th

Paul Deas/John Hillcoat caretakers I Campbell - O'Neill
Grant Johnstone/Kevin McAllister caretakers O'Neill-Duffy
Andy Millen/Kevin McGowne caretakers Weir-McKinnon
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:45 pm


Willie Maley Apr 1897-Jan 1940
Jimmy McStay Feb 19th 1940- July 23rd 1945
Jimmy McGrory Aug 6th 1945-Mar 9th 1965
Jock Stein Mar 10th 1965-May 28th 1978
(Sean Fallon 1975-76 temporary)
Billy McNeill May 28th 1978-June 30th 1983
David Hay Jul 4th 1983-May 28th 1987
Billy McNeill May 28th 1987-May 22nd 1991
Liam Brady June 19th 1991- Oct 6th 1993
Lou Macari Oct 26th 1993-June 14th 1994
Tommy Burns July 12th 1994- May 2nd 1997
Wim Jansen July 3rd 1997-May 11th 1998
Jozef Venglos Juy 17th 1998 - May 23rd 1999
John Barnes June 10th 1999-Feb 10th 2000
Martin O’Neill June 1st 2000-May 28th 2005
Gordon Strachan June 1st 2005-May 25th 2009
Tony Mowbray June 16th 2009 -Mar 25th 2010
Neil Lennon Mar 25th 2010 -May 22nd 2014
Ronny Deila June 6th 2014-

Happy with this though perhaps some argument over EXACT dates.

Jock Stein was incapacitated as a result of a car crash in 1975 so Sean Fallon was temporary manager for the entire 1975-76 season.

Frank Connor was caretaker Brady-Macari
Billy Stark was caretaker Burns-Jansen
Kenny Dalglish was caretaker (even if his title was fancier) Barnes-O'Neill
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:48 pm


Walter Jack July 1905-May 1909
Alex Maley 1909-1912
Jamie Commins 1912-???
Frank Thompson Nov 11th 1922- Jan 19th 1935
Russell Moreland Feb 2nd 1935- Oct 23rd 1937
Pat Travers Nov 27th 1937 - July 19th 1956
Johnny Haddow July 19th 1956 - Nov 24th 1962
John Prentice Dec 17th 1962 - Mar 24th 1966
Davie White Mar 31st 1966 – June 1967
Archie Wright cs 1967 - Dec 15th 1967
Archie Robertson Jan 1968 - Aug 29th 1973
Stan Anderson Aug 31st 1973 – Mar 29th 1977
Billy McNeill Apr 1st 1977-Jun 1977
Craig Brown July 1977 - cs 1986
John Clark July 30th 1986 -cs 1992
Alex Smith cs 1992- Sep 9th 1996
Gardner Speirs Sep 12th 1996- July 7th 1998
Ronnie McDonald July 7th 1998-Feb 2002 (gen Manager)
Allan Maitland cs 1998-Feb 7th 2002 (1st team coach)
Alan Kernaghan Mar 1st 2002- June 16th 2004
Billy Reid Jul 8th 2004- Apr 27th 2005
Graham Roberts May 19th 2005- Aug 22nd 2006
Joe Miller Aug 22nd 2006- May 25th 2007
Colin Hendry Jun 11th 2007- Jan 18th 2008
John Brown (2) Jan 26th 2008- Nov 21st 2009
John McCormack Nov 30th 2009- Apr 5th 2010
Stuart Millar Apr 27th 2010 - Feb 1st 2011
Jim Duffy Feb 7th 2011 - May 19th 2014
Barry Ferguson June 13th 2014-


Some BIG questions. Were there any other appointments pre-Jack?
Jamie Commins sometimes given as Jimmy. Actual first name John
Vacant by Nov 4th 1922 (Sunday Post)
Jamie Commins was manager after Maley but dates inconclusive.
Jim Rowan caretaker Robertson-Anderson
Mike Clinton caretaker Sep 24th - Dec 31st 1976 while Anderson ill
Bobby Waddell caretaker Jan 1st - Mar 31st 1977 while Anderson ill
Billy Reid caretaker Maitland-Kernaghan
Stuart Balmer & Gary Bollan were caretakers Reid-Roberts
Roberts sacked Aug 22nd but Miller in charge of training and selection from start of the season.
Dougie Bell caretaker Hendry-Brown
Neil Watt caretaker McCormack- Miller
Neil Watt/Gordon Wylde caretakers Millar-Duffy
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:55 pm


Joe Parker 1906-1906
Sandy Paterson 1906-1924 cs
Jimmy Richardson cs 1924- cs 1925
Scott Duncan Aug 23rd 1925- Jul 1932
Sandy Paterson cs 1932 - Dec 1933 (deceased)
John Dougary 1934 – 1938
Bill Hodge 1938-1939
Willie Fotheringham June 1945- Aug 1948
George Sweet Aug 1948- cs 1951
Bobby Baxter 1951- Feb 19th 1955
John Dougary 1955-58 cs
Jimmy Mitchell cs 1958-cs 1959
Archie Buchanan cs 1959- cs1960
Harry Colville May 11th 1960-May 8th 1964
Archie Robertson cs 1964-Jan 1968
Andy Matthew 1968- cs 1974
Bert Paton cs 1974- Oct 22nd 1974
Dan McLindon Oct 26th 1974-Dec 1975
Frank Connor Dec 1975- Sep 18th 1977
Paddy Wilson Sep 18th 1977- cs 1980
Pat Stanton Aug 1980-Dec 16th 1980
Andy Rolland Dec 1980- Feb 27th 1982
Hugh Wilson Apr 1982 - Oct 1983
Willie McCulloch Oct 26th 1983-Mar 1984
John Clark Mar 27th 1984-Dec 17th 1985
Joe Craig Dec 17th 1985- June 25th 1987
Dick Campbell June 25th 1987- Oct 17th 1987
John Blackley Oct 24th 1987-1988
John Brownlie Aug/Sep 1988- May 21st 1992
Andy Harrow May 1992-Sep 23rd 1993
John Reilly Oct 12th 1993-Apr 29th 1994
Paddy Dolan Apr 30th 1994-May 9th 1995
Tom Steven May 10th 1995-Feb 21st 1997
Sammy Conn Feb 22nd 1997-Nov 15th 1997
Craig Levein Nov 15th 1997 – Dec 1st 2000
Peter Cormack Dec 5th 2000-Dec 15th 2000
Gary Kirk Dec 15th 2000-Mar 12th 2002
Keith Wright Mar 12th 2002 – Oct 2nd 2004
Dave Baikie Oct 11th 2004 – Aug 3rd 2005
Mixu Paatelainen Aug 10th 2005-Oct 21st 2006
Brian Welsh Oct 30th 2006-June 11th 2008
Danny Lennon June 11th 2008-June 7th 2010
Jimmy Nicholl June 25th 2010 -cs 2011
Colin Cameron June 6th 2011-Nov 27th 2013
Jimmy Nicholl Nov 30th 2013-


Willie Paterson (son of Sandy) caretaker Paterson-Dougary

Bill Hodge was the chairman as well as manager

Peter Cormack was in charge for ten days and no matches

Colin Harris caretaker Harrow-Reilly
Davie Irons caretaker Baikie-Paatelainen
Gary Smith caretaker Paatelainen-Welsh
Lee Makel caretaker Cameron-Nicholl (no games)
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Post by Scottish » Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:00 pm


James Collins May 8th 1914- Mar 1919
George Livingston Mar 1919 - Sep 1920
James Collins Sep 1920-cs 1921
Pat Travers cs 1921-June 1922
Donald Colman 1922 - 1931
Fred Denovan 1931- Jan 1939 secretary
Jimmy Smith Jan 1939 -June 1940
Fred Denovan June 1940-June 1944 secretary
William Guthrie Aug 1944-June 1945 secretary
Jackie Milne June 1945 -Aug 1946
William Guthrie Aug 1946-June1950
William Irvine June 1950-cs 1954
Peter McGown cs 1954-cs 1959
Bobby Combe cs 1959 –Nov 10th 1960
Bobby Campbell Apr 19th 1961- May 25th 1962
Jackie Fearn May 1962- Sep 1964
Willie Toner Oct 10th 1964-Sep 27th 1967
Ian Spence Sep 30th 1967-Oct 9th 1968
Jackie Stewart Dec 1st 1968-Jan 13th 1973
Alex Wright Jan 13th 1973- May 1977
Davie Wilson May 1977-Apr 5th 1980
Sean Fallon Apr 12th 1980-1981 cs
Billy Lamont cs 1981-Feb 28th 1984
Davie Wilson Mar 10th 1984-Feb 1st 1986
Derek Whiteford May 11th -May 28th 1986
Alex Totten cs 1986-Apr 1987
Mark Clougherty cs 1987-Jan 16th 1988
Bertie Auld Jan 23rd 1988-Sep 17th 1988
Jim George Sep 24th 1988-Apr 23rd 1990
Billy Lamont Apr 23rd 1990- June 11th 1993
Murdo MacLeod July 1993-Aug 14th 1995
Jim Fallon Aug 14th 1995-Nov 2nd 1996
Ian Wallace Nov 9th 1996-Mar 6th 1999
Jimmy Brown Mar 6th 1999-Nov 4th 2000
Tom Carson Nov 4th 2000-May 3rd 2002
David Winnie June 6th 2002- Mar 21st 2003
Brian Fairley Mar 21st 2003-Dec 8th 2004
Paul Martin Dec 8th 2004- May 3rd 2006
Gerry McCabe May 16th 2006-Nov 11th 2007
John Brown (2) Nov 21st 2007-Nov 22nd 2007 (one day)
Jim Chapman Dec 31st 2007- Oct 27th 2010
Alan Adamson Oct 27th 2010-Oct 22nd 2012
Ian Murray Nov 22nd 2012-


Fred Denovan was secretary only

William Guthrie's first term was secretary only

John Hosie caretaker Fearn-Toner
Alex Wright was caretaker Wilson-Whiteford
Jim Clark caretaker McCabe-Brown
Jim Clark caretaker Brown-Chapman
Jack Ross caretaker Adamson-Murray

Rab Thorburn was co-manager with Jim George for a month (until Oct 22nd) at the outset of George's term.
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Sandy MacFarlane Mar 1919- cs 1925
Alec McNair June 4th 1925 - Oct 6th 1927
Sandy MacFarlane Dec 27th 1927 - cs 1928
Jimmy Bissett cs 1928- cs 1933
Billy McCandless cs 1933 - cs 1937
Andy Cunningham June 1937-May 1940
George Anderson 1944 - cs 1954
Willie Thornton May 1954 - Oct 8th 1959
Bob Shankly Oct 8th 1959 – Feb 17th 1965
Bobby Ancell Mar 1965-1968
John Prentice Sep 28th 1968-Dec 31st 1971
Davie White Jan 1st1972-cs 1977
Tommy Gemmell Jun 12th 1977-Apr 24th 1980
Donald Mackay May 19th 1980- Dec 12th 1983
Archie Knox Dec 15th 1983- June 18th 1986
Jocky Scott cs 1986- May 31st 1988
Dave Smith June 16th 1988-Jan 20th 1989
Gordon Wallace Feb 20th 1989-Oct 2nd 1991
Iain Munro Oct 7th 1991 -Jan 28th 1992
Simon Stainrod Feb 6th 1992- Aug 26th 1993
Jim Duffy Aug 26th 1993-Dec 30th 1996
John McCormack Dec 30th 1996-Feb 8th 1998
Jocky Scott Feb 9th 1998 – July 9th 2000
Ivano Bonetti July 10th 2000-Jul 2nd 2002
Jim Duffy Jul 4th 2002- Aug 24th 2005
Alan Kernaghan Sep 2nd 2005-Apr 20th 2006
Alex Rae May 24th 2006- 18 October 2008
Jocky Scott 30 October 2008 - 20 March 2010
Gordon Chisholm 22 March 2010 - 15 October 2010
Barry Smith 16 October 2010 - 20 February 2013
John Brown (2) 23 Feb 2013- 3 Feb 2014
Paul Hartley 5 Feb 2014-


Claims for pre-WW1 managers Willie Wallace and John Fraser need verification because of conflict of dates.

Sammy Kean caretaker Shankly-Ancell
Hugh Robertson cretaker Gemmell - Mackay
John Blackley caretaker Smith-Wallace
John Blackley caretaker Wallace-Munro
Gerry Britton/Gordon Wallace caretakers Duffy-Kernaghan
Barry Smith/Bobby Mann/Gordon Wallace caretakers Kernaghan-Rae
David Farrell caretaker Rae-Scott
Ray Farningham caretaker Smith-Brown
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Dundee United (including Dundee Hibs)

Pat Reilly June 1st 1909 - Apr 15th 1915
Herbert Dainty Apr 15th 1915 -Dec 1917
Pat Reilly Dec 1917 -Dec 15th 1922
Peter O'Rourke Dec 15th 1922 Mar 1923
Willie McAndrew Mar 1923 - May 1923
Jimmy Brownlie June 1923 -April 1931
Willie Reid June 1st 1931 -Feb 1934
Jimmy Brownlie Mar 1st 1934 -Oct 15th 1936
George Greig Oct 15th 1936 -Apr 30th 1938
Jimmy Brownlie Jul 1st 1938 -June 30th 1939 with Sam Irving
Bobby McKay Jul 1st 1939 -Oct 31st 1939
Jimmy Allan Nov 1st 1939- July 1940
Jimmy Allan June 1941 - Oct 1942
Jimmy Littlejohn Oct 1942 -Nov 15th 1944
Charlie McGillivray Nov 15th 1944 -Oct 15th 1945
Willie MacFadyen Oct 15th 1945-Aug 24th 1954
Reggie Smith Sep 21st 1954 -Jan 28th 1957
Ally Gallacher Jan 28th 1957- Mar 23rd 1957
Tommy Gray Mar 26th 1957- Oct 15th 1958
Andy McCall Oct 28th 1958 - Apr 30th 1959
Jerry Kerr June 1959 - November 27th 1971
Jim McLean Dec 3rd 1971- May 31st 1993
Ivan Golac Jul 9th 1993 - Mar 14th 1995
Billy Kirkwood Mar 28th 1995- Sep 10th 1996
Tommy McLean Sep 10th 1996 - Sep 5th 1998
Paul Sturrock Sep 5th 1998 -Aug 7th 2000
Alex Smith Aug 8th 2000- Oct 7th 2002
Paul Hegarty Nov 5th 2002- Jan 30th 2003
Ian McCall Jan 30th 2003 - Mar 14th 2005
Gordon Chisholm Mar 14th 2005- Jan 10th 2006
Craig Brewster Jan 13th 2006-Oct 29th 2006
Craig Levein Oct 30th 2006 -Dec 23rd 2009
Peter Houston Dec 23rd 2009 -Jan 28th 2013
Jackie McNamara Jan 30th 2013-


If anything some of these changes look TOO seamless

Greig - director

Brownlie - third time, with Irving, both directors

Duncan Hutchison - caretaker MacFadyen-Smith

McCall - took up post after match on Nov 1st

Gordon Wallace/Paul Hegarty/Maurice Malpas caretakers Golac-Kirkwoood

Paul Hegarty caretaker Houston-McNamara
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