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Scottish FA tour of North America 1939

Postby Scottish » Mon Sep 04, 2006 5:57 pm

Colin Jose sends details of the 1939 tour and adds "Some of the players who played for the American Soccer League on June 18 long considered the game to be a full international.

However, as I pointed out to them, it couldn't be because Ben Ellis was a Welsh international and William Lyon was born in England. This tour was promoted in the U.S. as The Scottish Internationals but only a few of this squad had ever played for Scotland. Bill Cole the soccer writer for the Toronto Star at that time blasted the Scottish F.A. for sending a weak team."

SCOTTISH F.A. - 1939

Players: Jerry Dawson (Rangers), Jimmy Carabine (Third Lanark), Ben Ellis (Motherwell), Doug Gray (Rangers), William Lyon (Celtic), Alex 'Sandy' McNab (West Bromwich Albion), Jimmy Dykes (Hearts), Bob Bolt (Falkirk),
Jimmy Caskie (Rangers), George Hamilton (Aberdeen), Archie Garrett (Hearts), Doug McAvoy (Kilmarnock), John Gillies (Clyde), Jack Jones (Third Lanark), Tommy McIntyre (Hibernian), Tommy McKenzie (Motherwell), Malcolm McDonald (Celtic)

May 16 Montreal 0: Scottish F.A. 9 in Montreal, Quebec
May 21 Eastern U.S. 1: Scottish F.A. 1 in New York, New York
May 24 Detroit 1: Scottish F.A. 7 in Detroit, Michigan
May 28 St. Louis 2: Scottish F.A. 10 in St. Louis, Missouri
May 31 Alberta 0: Scottish F.A. 7 in Calgary, Alberta
June 4 Upper Island 2: Scottish F.A. 4 in Nanaimo, B.C.
June 5 Vancouver 1: Scottish F.A. 4 in Vancouver, B.C.
June 7 Victoria 0: Scottish F.A. 6 in Victoria, B.C.
June 10 British Columbia 2: Scottish F.A. 3 in Vancouver, B.C.
June 12 Saskatchewan 0: Scottish F.A. 6 in Regina, Saskatchewan
June 14 Winnipeg 1: Scottish F.A. 6 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 17 Ontario 0: Scottish F.A. 2 in Toronto, Ontario
June 18 American Soccer League 2: Scottish F.A. 4 in New York, New York
June 21 New England 1: Scottish F.A. 3 in Providence, Rhode Island

May 16, 1939 in Montreal, Quebec.
Scottish F.A. 9 (Garrett 3, Jones 3, McIntyre 2, McDonald)
Montreal All-Stars 0
HT: Att: Ref:
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - Bolt, Lyon, McNab - McIntyre, McDonald, Garrett, Jones, Caskie.
Montreal: Bates - Ryrie, White - Fitzpatrick, Ford, McLean - Ron Castonguay, Sutherland, T. Turley, George Chambers, M. Castonguay.

May 21, 1939 at the Polo Grounds in New York.
Scottish F.A. 1 (Garrett)
Eastern United States 1 (Nemchik)
HT: Att: 25,072 Ref:
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Ellis - Lyon, McKenzie, McNab - Caskie, Hamilton, Garrett, Jones, McIntyre.
Eastern U.S: Stan Chesney (New York Americabs) - Fred Stoll (Philadelphia German-Americans), Al Harker (Philadelphia German-Americans) - Jimmy McGuire (Brooklyn St. Mary’s Celtic), George Barr (New York Brookhattan), Charles Altemose (Philadelphia German-Americans) - Bob McIntyre (…), George Nemchik (Philadelphia German-Americans), Bert Patenaude (…), Ed Ruddy (Brooklyn Hispano), George Conn (Kearny Scots-Americans).

May 24, 1939 at Dinan Field in Detroit, Michigan.
Scottish F.A. 7 (Garrett, Jones, Caskie, Carabine, Gilles 2, McAvoy)
Michigan All-Stars 1 (Coombes)
HT: Att: 11,000 Ref: Bob Stoddard (Windsor).
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Carabine - Bolt, Dykes, McKenzie - Caskie, Jones, Garrett, McAvoy, Gillies.
Michigan: Ed Van Neste (Dougal Nelson) - Aldo Patria, Tommy Ferrans - Stan Tranter, Hay, Ewald Hilbert (Williamson) - Barra, Ed Wilcocks, Geoff Coombes, O'Donnell, Molly (Browning).

May 28, 1939 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Scottish F.A. 10 (McDonald 2, Garrett 7, Gillies)
St. Louis All-Stars 2 (Gonsalves, Donelli)
HT: Att: 7,500 Ref:
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Ellis - McKenzie, Lyon, McNab - Gillies, McDonald, Garrett, McAvoy, Caskie.
St. Louis: Ducker - Larry Mrnka, Thompson - Iner Pierson, Billy Watson, Cooney - James Wolf, Aldo Donelli, Jimmy McDermott, Billy Gonsalves, Alex McNab.

May 31, 1939 in Calgary, Alberta.
Scottish F.A. 7 (McIntyre, Jones, McAvoy 3, Hamilton)
Alberta All-Stars 0
HT:3-0 Att: 1,500 Ref: Jack Armstrong.
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Gray - Bolt, Dykes, Lyon - Gillies, McAvoy, Jones, Hamilton, McIntyre.
Alberta: Bobby Dunlop (Lethbridge) - W. Law (Calgary Hillhurst), C. Ogilvie (Calgary Callies) - Doug Tucker (Calgary Hillhurst), Ted Lewis (Edmonton), Dave Roberts (Drumheller) - Tim West (Calgary Callies), A. Brown (Calgary Callies), Johnson (Edmonton Civics), Bobby Graham (Edmonton Civics), Bobby Steedman (Calgary Callies).

June 3, 1939 in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
Scottish F.A. 4 (Jones 3, Ellis)
Upper Island All-Stars 2 (Grey, Tantrum)
HT:4-0 Att: 1,500 Ref: Jackson (Cumberland)
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - McKenzie, Dykes, Bolt - Caskie, Hamilton, Jones, McDonald, Gillies.
U.I: Johnstone - Gibson, Bilton - Peffers, Watson, Thompson - Easterbrook, Parks, Tantrum, Grey, Christopher.

June 5, 1939 at Con Jones Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
Scottish F.A. 4 (Garrett 3, Gillies)
Vancouver All-Stars 1 (Spencer)
HT:1-1 Att: 4,000 Ref: Alex Murray.
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Ellis - Lyon, McKenzie, McNab - Gillies, McAvoy, Garrett, McDonald, Caskie. (Sub: Jones)
Vancouver: Dan Kulai - Erling Storness, Don Cowan - Billy Hislop, Trevor Harvey, Johnny Craig - George Greig, Horace Heath, Malcolm McManus, Jim Spencer, Norm McLeod.

June 7, 1939 at Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, British Columbia.
Scottish F.A. 6 (Jones 2, Gillies, Caskie, Hamilton, Bolt)
Lower Island All-Stars 0
HT: Att: 1,250 Ref:
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - Bolt, Dykes, Lyon - Caskie, Hamilton, McIntyre, Jones, Gillies.
Lower Island: Wally Rowe - Bobby Bell, Arnie Wilkinson - Cligg Robbins, Glen Robbins, George Leggatt - Gordie Bell, S. Stewart, Alec Ross, Ralph Cosier, Jack Okell.

June 10, 1939 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Scottish F.A. 3 (McDonald, Garrett, Gillies)
British Columbia All-Stars 2 (West, McKay)
HT: Att: 7,000 Ref: Woodard.
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - Bolt, Lyon, McNab - Caskie, Hamilton, Garrett, McAvoy, Gillies.
B.C: Stan Stronge - Don Cowan, Tommy McKibbin - Murray West, Trevor Harvey, Jim Gemmell - Jack Johnson, Johnny McKay, Hap Smith, Jim Spencer, Norm McLeod.

June 12, 1939 in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Scottish F.A. 6 (Gillies, Ellis, Garrett 2, Jones, McDonald)
Saskatchewan All-Stars 0
HT: Att: 1,000 Ref: Jimmy Whyte (Regina)
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Ellis - McDonald, Dykes, Bolt - McIntyre, Hamilton, Garrett, Jones, Gillies.
Sask: Syd Wilson - Fred Rogers, "Bucky" Smith - "Sonny" Hughes, Bill Todd, Dick Jones - Jimmy Woods, Charlie Gemmill, Owen 'Red' McInerny, Roy Campbell, Mel Hill. (Subs: Tommy Wonoroski, Jim Irving)

June 14, 1939 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Scottish F.A. 6 (McNab, Hamilton 2, McIntyre, Jones, Caskie)
Winnipeg All-Stars 1 (Hodgert)
HT: Att: 4,000 Ref: Art King (Winnipeg)
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Carabine - Bolt, Lyon, McNab - McIntyre, Hamilton, Jones, McAvoy, Caskie.
Winnipeg: Gelfend - Lennon, George Ness - Hind, Tyler, Bruce - George Pickup, E. Hodgert, Bobby Hampton, Gardiner, Harry Beckwith.

June 17, 1939 in Toronto, Ontario.
Scottish F.A. 2 (McIntyre, Garrett)
Ontario All-Stars 0
HT: Att: 3,500 Ref: Don L. Jowett
Scots: Dawson - Carabine, Ellis - McNab, Dykes, Bolt - McIntyre, Hamilton, Garrett, McAvoy, Gillies.
Ontario: Dick Arends (Toronto British Consols) - Bill Davison (Toronto Ulster), John Leitch (Hamilton City) - McCullough (Toronto Ulster), Jim Winning (Toronto England United), Art Fairley (Hamilton Stelcos) - Ollie Sutton (Toronto Ulster), Johnny Aiken (Toronto Ulster), Young (Frood Mines), Norman Donald (Toronto Scottish), Jimmy Moir (Toronto Ulster).

June 18, 1939 at the Polo Grounds in New York. (after extra time)
Scottish F.A. 4 (Gillies, Carabine 3)
American Soccer League 2 (Boyle, Altemose)
HT:2-2 Att: 15,163 Ref:
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - Bolt, Lyon, McNab - Gillies, Dykes, Carabine, McDonald, Caskie.
A.S.L: Stan Chesney (New York Americans) - Fred Stoll (Philadelphia German-Americans), Al Harker (Philadelphia German-Americans) - Bob McIntyre (…..), George Barr (New York Brookhattan), Charles Altemose (Philadelphia German-Americans) - Johnny Wojciechowicz (Kearny Scots-Americans), George Nemchik (Philadelphia German-Americans), Razzo Carroll (New York Brookhattan), …….. Cooper (Kearny Irish-Americans), Joe Boyle (New York Brookhattan).

June 21, 1939 in Providence, Rhode Island.
Scottish F.A. 3 (Gillies, Carabine, Hamilton)
New England All-Stars 1 (Souza)
HT:1-0 Att: 7,000 Ref: P. Fox (New York)
Scots: Dawson - Gray, Ellis - Lyon, Dykes, McNab - Caskie, Hamilton, Carabine, McDonald, Gillies.
N.E: Ostberg - Slicer, Margeson - Quinn, Joe Rego, Walter Dick - Tom Florie, Souza, Bert Patenaude, Almeida (Zukowski), Manuel Moniz.
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Postby LEATHERSTOCKING » Mon Sep 04, 2006 6:53 pm

Only 7 of the 17 in the squad were full Internationalists at the time of the tour: "Genteman" George hamilton was "capped" after the War. Tommy McKenzie was a League Internationalist. Ben Ellis was a Welsh Internationalist. Ex Spider Willie Lyon would almost certainly have been capped for Scotland but for his misfortune to have been born South of the border. (Lyon was one of a tiny band of Queen`s Park players who have gone from Hampden to Parkhead. For most of the 20thC there was an unwritten agreement that Celtic wouldn`t "lift" Queen`s players. The only other off the top of my head I can think of was Ian McWilliam [@ 6`-5" reputedly the tallest player ever to wear a Celtic jersey])) I`m interested in Jimmy Caskie being noted as a Rangers player. He was registered with St.Johnstone for season 1938-39 and won the second of his League International caps (vs.Irish League) on 6/9/1938 as a Saints player. He certainly didn`t play for Rangers in 1938-39 or 1939-40 seasons. John Litster has him signing for Rangers in November 1945 from Everton.
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Postby Gunboat Briggs » Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:51 am

A handful of players have gone from Hampden to Parkhead in the last 20 years or so - Mark Smith, Paul McLaughlin, Malky Mackay, John O'Neill - but I can't add any more from earlier years.
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Postby LEATHERSTOCKING » Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:04 am

Of course ! Malky Mackay hit the bar in the 1st minute of a League Cup tie @ Ibrox which was a great pity because a 1-0 win would have suited me fine. Maurice Johnston especially took umbrage (4) & the Bluenoses scraped a 6-0 win. I don`t think the other Spiders made more than a handful of appearances in the other hooped jerseys between them. Mackay`s father (also Malky) made a sensational start to his Hampden career in the early 60s with 4 on his debut (League Cup @ Palmerston - drew 4-4), a hat-trick in his second game (League Cup @ Bayview - lost 4-5[!]) and a pair in his 3rd !
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